Why not them?

Why not them?

Here is why incumbent Democrats Andrew Zwicker and Roy Freiman don’t deserve your vote:
Since 2004, one-party Democrat rule in the State Legislature has been a disaster for taxpayers.

  • We are one of the highest-taxed and worst-run states in America.
  • We are currently on the hook for $239 billion in debt.
  • We “lead” the nation in most people moving out of state.
  • While the rest of the country’s economy is booming, our workforce remains below pre-2008 Great Recession levels.

Zwicker and Freiman vote 90% of the time with their party and Governor Phil Murphy for this failed agenda, including…

  • Slashing school funding by millions of dollars to districts like Hillsborough, South Brunswick, and nearly all of Hunterdon County.
  • Voting to spend $3.8 million just last year on tuition aid for illegal immigrants, while our school districts get less and less.
  • Standing with their party while our gas tax continues to rise, but our roads, bridges and NJ Transit continue to deteriorate and fail commuters.

Zwicker and Freiman don’t have an independent bone in their bodies. Re-electing them continues one-party control with zero accountability. That’s the last thing we need.